Crediblock Venture Capital LLC has opened a Venture Capital accelerator. The concept is to combine our tech expertise with investment. We’ve created the subdomain – check it out.

Growing in the Pre IPO business we learned that the real money is made as a principal, not as a broker. Venture Capital is super risky, but the further you move down the spectrum, risk and reward has a mutually declining curve:

What is the ideal (optimal) mix of risk and reward? IPO is too little risk, VC is too much. The ‘goldilocks zone’ seems to be mid-stage Pre IPO companies.

Many groups have put together SPV funds whereby they buy some of these Unicorns and charge 20% carry and collect fees without risk. They are providing access to accredited investors for a lower investment. It’s a great business, which Crediblock Venture Capital will explore. We will look to have multiple business lines:

  • Accelerator program
  • VC SPV funds, for promising Unicorns
  • Diversified portfolios, “FinTech fund”

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