Crypto LLC is interested in Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency insofar as it’s a disruptive technology.

We’re participating in xSigma DeFi project, and working on several internal Crypto projects. Most notably, we are building a desktop application as a tool for developers, traders, and business managers – Blockpad.

We’re accepting consulting fees with Crypto @ Coinbase.

Support for xSigma

For those who are new to Cryptocurrency and are thinking about staking in SIG or investing in the xSigma project, here are resources to get you started.

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Resources to get started with Cryptocurrency

Get Coinbase – Buy staking cryptocurrency or learn lessons to get free Crypto

Get Gemini – Buy and sell crypto from a licensed US exchange

Get FTX – Fast growing top exchange in USA

Get Changelly – Exchange your BTC to ETH

Start Learning

Checkout Splitting Bits – Understanding Bitcoin and the Blockchain available in print or on Kindle

How to send Crypto with Coinbase

Task 1 – Sending ETH

First task, send me any amount of ETH.  I’m using my corporate Coinbase account to receive ETH.  Beware there is ETC which is Ethereum Classic – be sure not to confuse ETH and ETC.  ETH is most commonly used. 

First you will need to convert whatever you have in Coinbase (USD or BTC) to ETH, this is an internal conversion.  Then you start the process of transferring from your ETH wallet to my ETH wallet.  This process is basically the same for *any* outgoing transfer – you always need to get the recipient address, which Coinbase will prompt you for.  If you have a windows computer be careful about the copy and paste function which sometimes gets stuck.  I use a notepad file it’s part of windows to make sure when I paste the address it’s the same.  This is called the clipboard and sometimes when you copy it doesn’t work and it still has the old copy stored in the clipboard.  These are the types of things that can go wrong with Crypto transfers which is why I suggest doing a few small transactions first to get comfortable.  After we do this next we’ll do one on Meta Mask.  You can try to do this yourself and/or call me or text me while you do it in case you have questions or run into trouble.

This is my ETH receiving address:   0x2Fc37E7C1cC45EcfdEDFc8560ec099bc1b859fe4 Here is a Coinbase article on how to do it

Task 2 – Buying DeFi with Meta Mask

First, get a computer ideally that is not your common computer or consider buying a laptop that you ONLY use for Crypto & banking transactions (optional).

Install Firefox browser

Install Meta Mask

Meta Mask is your DeFi wallet.

Send any amount of ETH to yourself in your Meta Mask browser. Once completed, you should see an ETH balance like this:

Once completed and you see ETH in your Meta Mask wallet, practice staking with AXN token, by clicking this link:

To confirm you have AXN in your Meta Mask wallet, switch between assets by clicking the ‘Assets’ tab near the bottom – it will list all tokens in your wallet with an above 0 balance, as depicted here: