How to Write a Cold Email: Top Strategies & Templates in 2022

We know how uncomfortable and incredibly awkward it can get to break the ice with an individual, in any given situation. So when a conversation is meant for business purposes, we often fumble on deciding the proper means of communication.

A large portion of cold sales advocacy can go unnoticed when you’re not aware of your communication needs.

With an average success rate of 25-30%, cold emails have a very high chance of catching the attention of people.

In order to make your job less exhausting and more effective, we’ll tell you how to write a cold email and what all cold email templates can land you up with higher response rates.

What are Cold Emails?

A cold email is an email constructed for communicating with someone, without any preceding contact, for gaining dual-sided benefits.

Simply put, when an individual emails someone that they do not know, aiming at a specific objective in mind, then it is known as cold emailing.

If you quickly check your inbox, we can guarantee you a minimum of 5 such emails, where marketers might have ended up reaching out to you for selling their product or other similar reasons.

How to Write a Cold Email that Works?

Let us see the perfect way of how to write a cold email:

1. Introduction – The opening line:

Before starting the email for your prospects, try and imagine yourself in their shoes, to get an understanding of what they are dealing with. Sending out the same mail, without personalization will not get you a lot of responses.

Whether or not your target audience will read the entire email is dependent on the strength of the opener. Hence, the opening line is the most important element.

You can always start by researching a little bit about your prospect to hit the jackpot!

A psychology study states that our average attention span is 8 seconds, so make sure to grab the attention of your possible client with an attention-grabbing opener and perhaps a little flattery! So how to formulate an eye-catching opener?

● Dig out recent news about the prospect. For example, blogs published, recent achievements made on a professional as well as personal front, etc.

Example: Hey Marc,
I came across your profile and discovered that your startup has been featured in the times100 magazine. You’re such an inspiration!

● Learn a little bit about websites or products endorsed by them. In this way, you can begin by talking about your fondness for their work.

Example: Hey Jacob,
I was browsing through your social media profile and came across this article (name) you wrote. I was absolutely blown away by it!

● More often than not, it is a good idea to go on socials and check for common interests between both of you.

Example: Greetings Emma,
I was cruising through your LinkedIn profile and realized that we both have been a part of the same drama club. Isn’t that amazing?

2. Pitch your tent!

Now that you have grabbed their attention, it’s time for you to propose the value. Most of the time, when we receive a cold email, our points of concern are as follows:

● Why are we receiving this email?
● How am I going to be benefited in the process?
● Instances of other people or companies benefitting from the company or business.

There are five rules you have to keep in mind while pitching your tent. It should be:

1. Original
2. Concise
3. Personalised
4. Credible
5. Authentic

The reason for your email lies in the hope of converting your prospects into clients. In order to fulfill this hope, they need to figure out whether they lack any of what your business brings to the table.

In order to convince them, take a look at their website or product and search for genuine improvement in their business structure. It might be possible that they have low profits because they are spending their money on a service that you provide at a lower cost. Once you figure out their problems, inform them and offer them a befitting solution.

Example: I was going through your business model and I found out that you are paying A a huge amount of money for their service. But you don’t have to worry anymore, as we provide the same service and much more, at a cheaper rate. I/we would love to get together with you and understand your business model further, to generate more benefits.

We have previously worked with M, N, and O companies and their profits have scaled through the roof! (Input some statistical data if possible).

3. End with a personalized note and a call to action:

As we have mentioned earlier, keeping your cold email concise is one of the prime needs. So your call to action should successfully be fitted into a sentence. Less is more, so do not pester on asking too much of their time either. Keep it short, and crisp, and leave no room for confusion or ambiguity.

Keeping the thought of less is more, you can end your email by asking them for just an email response. Remember, cold email is just the beginning of communication, so you don’t have to put much pressure on yourself or the prospect. Keep it simple and make sure to open the gates of communication.


1. That’s all for my side. If any of this interests you, please reach back to me via (number) or email.

2. I would love to schedule a meeting with you to discuss further the business ideas. Please let me know your availability.

What NOT to do while sending cold emails?

1. Do not be mechanical while crafting the cold email. Let your personality flow. Show them what you bring to the table and you are indeed worth giving a chance.

2. Don’t go overboard with your service or business. Keep the first few lines about your prospect. Don’t make big claims. Let your prospect decide whether you suit them or not.

3. Avoid typing a generic message and sending it to a large group of people. Cold emails have a beautiful way of working if you crack the code of how a cold email template works. Keep it personalized.

4. Don’t ask. Don’t pester. Cold emails can get on nerves if they demand too much. Instead of asking, make sure you frame your cold email in a way that offers them something.

5. Don’t use any cold email template available on the internet. They are just for your benefit so that you can prepare one that tailors to your audience.

Top Cold Email Templates for Higher Conversions:

Here are a few examples of cold emails templates for various sectors:

1. Cold emails template for job or internship:


My name is Olivia Moore and I am going to be a senior at Stanford University this fall. I am reaching out to you because I am interested in full-time job opportunities in venture capital after graduation, and would like to learn more. I have an internship in San Francisco this summer, but will be around the Bay Area after my internship ends from August 10-14, and was wondering if I would be able to briefly visit your office and learn more about the firm?

Thank you for your time.


Olivia Moore.

2. Cold Email Template for Sales:

Subject: Love your story + this G2 review


During some research of Close, came across your profile love how passionate you’ve been the past 4 years to help scale the CS team, while also being that

go-to advisor for your growing customers. This G2 review about your post-sales team building out a customized reporting integration through Zapier really shows that passion you’ve instilled.

However, I imagine you still have customers requesting “native” integrations. I’m curious are any customer accounts at risk that would benefit from 3rd party integrations? Kapost, a new Tray customer, needed a way to boost integration delivery without relying on engineering. Since leveraging Tray, their implementation. The team is now able to roll out new integrations for customers in days, sometimes within hours. As a result, their customers experienced quicker time to value and

Kapost’s post sale team was able to reduce their churn rate.

Does it make sense to explore ways we can help your post-sales team as well?


(Your name)

3. Cold Emails Template for B2B:

Hi Zachary,

You’re leading a fast-growing startup so I’ll keep this brief.

At (Company), we have great software developers that we can quickly deploy to help move things forward in your product roadmap or quickly

iterate on new product ideas. We have a wide skill set from web to mobile developers as well as the ability to execute on custom software/projects.

or nail down your entire platform from backend to frontend.

Are you available later this week to speak over the phone for 15 minutes? I’d love to see if we can help you guys out in any way!


(Your name)

4. Cold Emails Template for Recruiters:

{{first_name}}, quick question?

Hi {{first_name}},

In just a year’s time, we helped [[X]] people land their dream roles at companies like [[insert successful placement companies]].

We currently have an excellent Digital Marketing Manager role open at a top B2B firm in [[city]] think your background in [[X]] and experience would make you the perfect fit for the role. Would you be open to a quick discussion about this fantastic opportunity? How does tomorrow at 5:00 PM sound?


(Your name)

If you religiously follow the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to figure out how to write a cold email, that is straightforward, short, crisp, personalized, and simple.

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