Vortex Forex System

Crediblock.com has been hired to do custom programming and operation analysis for the Vortex Forex System. The algorithm is based on a suite of indicators which generate buy/sell signals on major currency pairs.

Currently the system has two modes; signal mode and auto mode.

In signal mode, signals are displayed on the chart with an audio alert. With this buy/sell signal it also displays the stop loss, take profit, and a history of signals on that trading pair.

Auto mode is totally automatic. In our experience, signal mode can increase performance because of unknown human factors (news, fundamentals, obvious things computers cannot see) that cannot be quantified and included in the algorithm. However, both options are open.

Traders can select the pairs they want to trade, with default settings or with custom settings per pair.

Common indicators used include Bollinger Bands, SlowK, CCI, TEMA, and Stochastics.